The Visitation tells the story of a visiting nurse, Hannah Morgan (played by Anna Fagan) whose clients include geriatric patients. During a visit to one of her clients (Mort Paterson) she becomes aware of the possibility that someone or something may have taken an unnatural interest in her. Hannah's paranoia mounts as she tries to convince her husband Mike (Nick Grock) that they are no longer alone in their home. The film also stars Rachel Hendrickson, Carl Stevens and Cinzia Lombardo.

Thank You

Those involved in the making of this film would like to thank the following people for their support:

Eric Andersen, Dawn Becket, Jennifer Bibbs, Aimee Cassada, Katherine Catanzaro, John Chesney, Michael Cmar, Maria Damore, Sean Downing, Michael Fuchs, Samuel Griffin, Patricia Haddad, Frank and Margaret Juchniewicz Sr., Constantine Kokenes, Hether L May, Betsy McCullough, Shaun Moyer, Tom and Cassie Murphy, Luke Murphy, Rosemarie Nielsen, Erica Pruitt, Carolyn Reid, Lisa Rigefsky, Greg Spurgeon, Zenilda Trajano, Bertina Whytehead, Joan Williamson