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News and Updates

  • 5/9/17 - "Aren't we having so much fun?! Isn't this what you wanted?"

    Check out "THE CHAIR"- a new eight-picture photo set in the photo gallery.

    In other news, the Frank Horror film, AN AMBITIOUS MAN has been screened at the 2017 Media Film Festival in Media, PA and is off to other venues and film festivals. And two new films are wrapped an in post-production: THE CITY IN THE GLASS and A BREATH AWAY (a short film made for virtual reality viewers)!

    Follow all the latest on the Frank Horror facebook page:

  • 11/27/16 - "I see around corners. I know things. The things that wait for you in the dark - I know them by name." Check out the new 6-picture series in the gallery titled, "THINGS"

    Also, the time is nearly upon us! The Frank Horror film, AN AMBITIOUS MAN will be making its world premiere in Philadelphia on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:30pm. To order tickets, click here

  • 10/12/16 - "As legend holds, in the darkest of night the Old Hag creeps into the bed to steal the life from her sleeping victims."
    Check out the new 3-picture photo series titled, "NIGHT TERRORS" in the Photo Gallery.

  • 9/28/16 - "They wonít find us here -- the men in white coats. Not here. This is home now . . ." Check out the new 6-picture photo series titled, "SQUATTERS" in the gallery section.

  • 9/18/2016 -
    "The tireless shuffling of feet,
    Ever-moving, driven
    Following a hungry imperative: Feed.
    And you are meat."
    Check out the new 7-picture series titled, "IMPERATIVE" in the Gallery section.
    And more information coming soon on the upcoming Frank Horror film, AN AMBITIOUS MAN.

  • 6/20/2016 - You reach a point where you begin to wonder, "Is there anything left of me? What happened to me?"
    Check out the new 6-picture photo series titled, "GONE" in the photo gallery.
    And stay tuned for upcoming news on the Frank Horror short film, AN AMBITIOUS MAN.

  • 6/1/2016 - "The body and blood are gone, yet you still remain." Check out the new 4-picture photo series, "MY LOVE IS DEAD" in the photo gallery.

  • 4/17/2016 - "Do you think we might dream tonight, little soul?" Check out the new 7-picture photo series, "PORCELAIN" in the photo gallery!

  • 1/30/2016 - He was drawn to the light from the house, drawn to the thrum of her heartbeat and the flow of her blood that called for release. Check out the latest six-picture photo shoot titled, "EXTINGUISHED".

  • 12/12/2015 - Postproduction has begun on the new Frank Horror short film, AN AMBITIOUS MAN - stay tuned for more updates, information, and announcements on this film! Also, check out six-picture photo series in the gallery titled, "WEBCAM GIRL".

  • 9/1/2015 -
    • The Frank Horror short film, DIARIES will be screening at the Landmark Theatre in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, September 24th (more info click here)
    • Preproduction has begun on a new short film titled, AN AMBITIOUS MAN. More information coming soon!
    • And lastly, check out the new three-picture photo set in the gallery titled, "Totem".

  • 7/22/15 - Kindness is the kiss of the razor's edge parting the supple flesh, so that sweet red roses may bloom. Check out the new photo in the gallery section titled, "Kindness".

  • 5/25/15 - When the temple of the body is unclean, drastic measures may be called for. Check out the new three-picture series titled, "INTRAVENOUS" in the photo gallery!

  • 3/11/15 - This past month, Frank Horror was pleased to screen DIG, DIARIES and the 8-minute teaser for the upcoming feature film, SINNER'S MOON at the 2015 Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire in Princeton, NJ.A Check out the new addition to the photo gallery -- a 3-picture series titled, "A Snared Soul".

  • 1/3/15 - With the new year comes new revelations and new things to fear. Now added to the Gallery is the latest photo set, "VAPORS". There are eight new pics in all, so make sure to scroll through with the arrow keys to see the set in its entirety.

    Also, I am excited to announce that Frank Horror is teaming up with another film company, Cinema Alliance to bring you a feature length horror film called "SINNERíS MOON"! Make sure to visit the website for information on the film as well as some teaser footage:

  • 6/7/14 - The world premiere of DIARIES will be showing in Philadelphia on July 16th at PhilaMOCA! For more information click here.

    Preproduction continues on the Frank Horror feature-length film, SINNER'S MOON!

    And now, for your unholy viewing pleasure, check out the latest abomination added to the Frank Horror gallery -- a three part photo series titled, "The Invited"

  • 3/14/14 - A lot has happened since the last website update: DIG premiered in Atlantic City at the Bizarre AC Horror convention and had a showing at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. Now itís on to the festival circuit!

    The next Frank Horror release will be a short titled, DIARIES. The trailer will be going online this coming week.

    In the meantime, check out the latest photo series in the gallery titled, "Wicked Harvest". Much thanks to Earl Pancoast for allowing us access to his corn fields for this!

  • 10/31/13 - I can feel you suffering silently, inside your skin. Just beneath the quiver of flesh -- the blood-dampened muscle, the tendons, the sinew cry out for relief. . . I can help with you that.
    Just in time for Halloween! Check out the newest addition to the photo gallery - a four-page photo series titled, "Our Sister Skins".
    Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks for information on the premiere of the latest Frank Horror film, DIG!!!

  • 8/5/13 - A lot of new updates going on, so less talk and more screaming:
    • Filming has wrapped on the fourth Frank Horror short, DIARIES. Fresh off filming House of the Witchdoctor with Bill Moseley, Emily Bennett has joined Frank Horror as the lead in DIARIES. Watch for more collaborations to come with Emily! In the meantime, check out the filmís page: Diaries - Official Site
    • The Frank Horror shop is officially open for business! To order a 2014 Frank Horror calendar or other merchandise, make sure to visit the online shop: Buy Here or if you are at Monstermania in Cherry Hill, NJ from August 16-18, make sure to stop by the Frank Horror vendor table!
    • A new photo series titled, "Identity" can be found in the photo gallery. This series of six new pics features the lovely Tiffany Rose. "Identity"

  • 7/5/13 - Art is madness, and madness moves us.
    Check out the latest slice of madness added to the photo gallery -- a nine-picture series called, "Shadows of Appalachia".

  • 5/25/13 - This little house of horrors has been hopping lately! Here at Frank Horror post-production work continues with the film, DIG. Meanwhile filming for our third story in the anthology, OPENINGS, is winding down. Looming on the horizon are two new projects: the first is a short horror film set to begin production in July 2013; the second is a thirty-minute horror film that Iíve been tapped to direct for another film production company by the name of Light & Shadow FX and that will begin production in the Fall of 2013. Stay tuned on these developments and the Frank Horror online shop coming soon. And, as always, the photo shoots keep rolling in. Speaking of which, check out our latest gruesome addition to the Frank Horror Gallery - an eight-pic series called "Acting Out".

  • 4/24/13 - The iPad raffle was a great success - thank you to everyone who spread the word, for those of you who sold tickets, and for those who participated! Your support for independent film is much appreciated.
    The "ThankYouís" page for those who donated to the online fundraiser for DIG is now up:
    And now, weíve added an unsettling new photo series to the Gallery page consisting of seven new pictures and titled, "Meat". Make sure to check it out!

  • 3/6/13 - Now is your chance to help support our films and win some great prizes in the process!!! Frank Horror is raffling off an Apple iPad, and iPod Nano and a $100 gift card to the iTunes store - only 500 tickets will be sold; Tickets are only available until March 13th or while tickets last!
    In film news, THE VISITATION (our first short film of three) has been off to a strong start with three local showings under its belt (including headlining at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia); now itís off to the festival circuit. Meanwhile, DIG continues towards completion in post-production and filming for OPENINGS is currently underway. Now for your viewing pleasure, check out the Gallery page to see the first of a new wave of photo shoots - this one is titled, "Vessels".

  • 11/26/12 - "The Visitation" has had its premiere on the East Coast and is now on its way towards festival submissions. Meanwhile, the trailer and online fundraising pitch for "Dig" can now be seen on the Dig film page.
    Also, make sure to check out the latest series of pictures in the Gallery section.

  • 8/28/12 - Come out to see the exclusive premiere of "The Visitation" - Saturday, October 20th, 7:00PM at Fusion Studios, Voorhees Town Centre, Voorhees, NJ 08043.
    Tickets are $5 at the door; seating is limited so arrive early!
    Also, a new set pictures called "The Caliginous" has been added to the Photo Gallery, featuring a brand new horror model, Katerina von Baumann. Enjoy!

  • 8/5/12 -- I'm happy to announce that I've added six new pictures to the Photo Gallery titled, "Never Shall We Part". Editing for the first Frank Horror film, "The Visitation" is now complete and an East Coast premiere is in the works. Make sure to check back or follow Frank Horror on Facebook for updates! Also, the second film "Dig" has wrapped up filming. Casting is slated to begin soon for the third film, "Openings".

  • 7/7/12 -- It's been a very busy summer so far, but I'm happy to announce that The Visitation is in the final stages of music and sound editing. Make sure to "Like" the Frank Horror facebook page for up to date information on the film and its premiere. Also, a Frank Horror online store is coming soon; photography prints and other merchandise will be available.

  • 6/30/12 -- The second film, Dig, is now in the final stages of filming. A web page for Dig is under construction and we'll be leaking the official film poster soon! Make sure to check the official Dig link for more information on the film. Also, there are currently three photo sets in post-production. I'll be adding them to the gallery section of the website in the coming months.

  • 5/12/12 -- The fundraising campaign for the films is drawing to a close and we are fast approaching a Summer premiere for "The Visitation". At this point our composer, David Zaidain is working on the music for the film. In the meantime, we're in the final stretches of filming the second part of our horror trilogy - we should be wrapping production on "Dig" in early June. Stay tuned for details on both of these films. Also, I have two new photo-series in post-production; look for them to be added to the Gallery soon!

  • 12/2/12 -- This is the first post of the new year and things have been busy! The horror short, "The Visitation" is still in the editing process. Meanwhile, the casting process for the next film, "Dig" is nearly complete and that film is scheduled to begin shooting in the Spring of 2012. A Film page is under construction on the site, so make sure to check back for updates on all the Frank Horror Productions . . . Now some red meat for the masses: a new photo series has been posted in the gallery titled, "Scourge". Enjoy!

  • 12/14/2011 -- Iíve added five new pics to the Photo Gallery in a series titled, "Do Not Resuscitate." Filming has wrapped on my horror short, "The Visitation" and the film is now in post-production. Roxsy Tyler (from Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors) was kind enough to visit the set and interview some of the cast and crew - make sure to check out her link in the "Links & Friends" page!).

  • 10/22/2011 -- Filming will begin on my new horror short, titled "The Visitation" right after Halloween. Stay tuned for more updates on the film. In the meantime, please enjoy the latest set up of pictures in the Photo Gallery; itís a three-picture set titled, "Crossing the Threshold". Have a frightful Halloween, everyone!

  • 9/12/2011 -- "Club 27," a short film I co-wrote and starred in will be premiering on October 1st at the International House in Philadelphia as entry in the Project 21 film competition. The casting process has begun for another horror short that I wrote titled, "The Visitation." Filming is set to begin this Fall. In the meantime, please enjoy another installment in the Gallery section - a three part series titled, "In From The Fog."

  • 8/9/2011 -- This summer has definitely been a busy one! I wrote a horror short for 2255 Films that has been filmed and is now in post-production. I co-wrote another short for them as well, this one a comedy (you read correctly, NOT a horror!) and played the starring lead in the film. Iíll post updates on the premieres of both short films, so stay tuned. Also, Iíve added another photo set to the Photo Gallery section titled, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Circus." No children were harmed or psychologically damaged in the making of this!!!

  • 7/13/2011 -- It has been a little while since the last update, but things have been busy. I wrote a horror short that was filmed by 2255 Films and is currently in post-production. I will also be joining 2255 Films for Project 21, an annual film competition based in Philadelphia. There are also more horror photo shoots scheduled in the near future and another set thatís currently in post-production; for now please direct your attention to the Gallery for four new horrifying pics: "Safety Word (1-3)" and "Calibrating the Dream." Happy nightmares, everyone!

  • 4/26/2011 -- I'm pleased to announce that I've written a horror short for 2255 Films titled, "Here and There". Filming is scheduled to start in June and the casting process is about to begin. More announcements to follow as this project develops, so be sure to check back!

  • 4/18/2011 - Iíve added a series of three new pictures to the Photo Gallery titled, "Our Father, Who Provides". Remember to click on the link, "Download Original" in order to see the full-sized picture. My thanks to all the actors who did a wonderful job! And thank you to William and Ed for your professionalism and ongoing dedication with special effects makeup and photography!

  • 2/25/2011 - Make sure to check out the Photo Gallery section for two new horror pics titled, "Feeding Frenzy" and "After the Rains." This was my first time working with an animal actor (my dog) and Iím thankful he was very professional on the set. Please note - although Scruffy appears emaciated and grungy in "After the Rains" he is very healthy and well-kept in real life; this effect was achieved in post-production editing. My deepest appreciation to everyone whoís been involved in the ongoing photo-shoots so far! There will be more horrific images to come.

  • 2/16/2011 - Iíve added two new pictures to the Photo Gallery, "His Last Night 1" and "His Last Night 2". Check back soon; more pictures will be added in the coming months.

  • 12/4/2010 - Make sure to check out the latest horror pictures added to the photo gallery titled, "Nobodyís Wife", "No Safe Haven 1" and "No Safe Haven 2". There is another series of pictures being worked on in post-production that will also be added soon and new photo-shoots are being scheduled so make sure to check back for more gruesome updates!

  • 9/1/2010 - This Saturday, Sept. 4th, 2010, I will be at the Horrorfind Convention at Gettysburg, PA at the vendor tables.

  • 8/26/2010 - I am currently collaborating with a talented artist, Phil Stanek, who is doing pencil and ink for a horror anthology series intended for publication as a comic book or graphic novel.

  • 6/9/2010 - I am in the process of working on some new horror photos with new models, costumers and special effects artists. Hope to have the pics on the site soon. Also, just added some links on the Links & Friends page.

  • 3/14/2010 - Keep an eye out - in the coming weeks and months Iíll be adding a horror photo gallery and more horror photos to the site!

  • 3/10/2010 - I want to express my endless gratitude to all of you who helped make this website a reality, including all of the models/actors who did an outstanding job and were very patient throughout the photo-shoots in what were often adverse conditions. In particular Iíd like to thank William Pohlhaus, whose recurring role in the photo-shoots as well as his technical know-how made him an essential player in my getting this website launched. I would especially like to thank Brian Terranova for all of his exceptional work as the photographer. I am indebted to his artistic eye and skill in editing the photos.